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As trainers we have over 10 years teaching experience in the world of permanent make up and are both fully qualified teachers with 15 years teaching experience. We are also level 4 qualified permanent make up technicians. As a master trainer Jane often teaches in different countries offering advanced training as well as demonstrating and speaking in international conferences.

Both Jane and Rachel believe that continued personal development is an essential part of teaching, learning new skills and techniques that will be added to the syllabus and passed directly to students. One of the most essential aspects of the courses on offer is the support and aftercare available to students. This doesn’t end at the conclusion of the course, support groups and check ins from trainers are in place indefinitely.

Jane and Rachel focus on ethical and lawful practice and teach to the highest standards both technically and theoretically. The beginners permanent make up course is one of the longest and most thorough available as are the individual discipline courses. At the conclusion of basic training students will have the ability to offer various techniques and have the knowledge and skills to accommodate all clients. There is also provision for the continuous professional development of the student after the course has finished such as masterclasses and technique workshops.

OCN Accreditation

We’re Fully OCN Credit4Learning Accredited

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Training Courses

Basic Training


The cost of basic training is  £6500 and includes full kit and machine. There is also the option of sourcing your own machine and kit which would reduce the course cost to £5500.

The training takes place over seven days with an interval of four weeks between ‘Basic 1’ and ‘Basic 2’.

Basic 1

Basic 1 consists of four days of theory and practice work.

  • Day 1 will cover anatomy and physiology, Health and safety/blood bourne pathogens, government regulations, facial mapping, technical education.
  • Day 2 will cover eyeliner techniques and practical application, working on mannequin heads and practice skin. Jane will perform an eyeliner demonstration on a live model in the afternoon.
  • Day 3 will cover lips in the same format.
  • Day 4 will cover eyebrows in the same format.

Students are then required to do four weeks of home study submitting examples of mannequin/practice skin  procedures,  examples of drawing on models and sketches. If the work is deemed of a high enough standard students will then progress to basic 2.

Basic 2

  • Day 1 will be a recap of theory work and then two full eyeliner procedures will be carried out by the student fully supervised by Jane and/or Rachel.
  • Day 2 will again recap theory and then two full lip procedures will be carried out by the student fully supervised by Jane and/or Rachel.
  • Day 3 after a theory recap two full eyebrow procedures will be carried out by the student fully supervised by Jane and/or Rachel.

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Microblade to Machine Method Full PMU Course


Microblade to machine method full PMU course is spread over six full days, three days then a break of 3 to 4 weeks and the last three days in clinic, the cost of this course is £5600 with a machine and kit and £5100 without.

Students will be sent pre course learning four weeks prior to course commencement which will cover all theory modules and a technique and hairstroke layout step by step guide to aid drawing practice. At this point a study or support group will be created to assess all practice work and to provide answers to any queries students may have.

  • Day 1 begins with an exam that recaps home study theory modules which include techniques, colour theory, pigmentology, facial morphology and needle choice, consultation and contraindications. Students will also begin to use their machine on latex skin and mannequin heads.
  • Day 2 Students will continue latex practice going through all techniques. We will also cover eyebrow mapping and drawing. During day two Jane will demonstrate an eyeliner and lip procedure on a model which students will observe and replicate on latex.
  • Day 3 During day three we will concentrate on eyebrow procedures and techniques. Jane will demonstrate an ombré eyebrow procedure and a hairstroke eyebrow. Again students will observe and then replicate these treatments on latex skin.

Over the next three to four weeks students will be expected to submit evidence of daily practice to the support group which Rachel and Jane will assess, including drawing on people, tattooing on latex, drawing on paper and facial mapping. When they reach an acceptable skill level they will then return for the practical part of their training.

  • Day 4 Students will complete two eyeliner procedures under the supervision of Jane or Rachel.
  • Day 5 Students will complete two lip blush models under the supervision of Jane or Rachel.
  • Day 6 Students will complete two eyebrow procedures under the supervision of Jane or Rachel.

When the student has successfully completed their training we offer continuous support and guidance as they begin their new career.

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Eyebrow Specialist Course


The course cost is £4500 including machine and kit.

Students will receive pre study material four weeks prior to course commencement which will include all modules covered and examples of hairstroke layouts and shading techniques to be practiced.

  • Day 1 will begin with a short exam on all topics covered in the pre study pack. There will then be a recap of colour theory, pigmentology, implantation techniques, facial morphology and machine usage.
  • Day 2 will begin with machine practice on latex and mannequin heads. You will cover technique application, needle choice, hairstroke layout and shading technique. There will be a hairstroke and ombré procedure demonstration which will be observed and then techniques replicated on latex.
  • Day 3 will focus on recapping on any areas that the student may be struggling to perfect and continuing the technique application on latex. After lunch the student will complete a hairstroke eyebrow procedure under the supervision of Jane or Rachel.
  • Day 4 the student will complete an ombré and hairstroke eyebrow procedure under the supervision of Jane or Rachel.
  • Day 5 will take place after two case studies of each technique are completed and will be an assessment day when the student will complete two procedures under observation.

With all of our courses we offer ongoing support and guidance which remains available indefinitely to all students. We also work alongside ideal4finance which provide finance for all.

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